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Whole Food, Paleo Meals Ready to Go!

Hello Alchemy Crossfit Members,

Are you looking to adopt healthy habits and see results that
will last? If you answered YES, what I offer maybe beneficial
for you!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Scott Bailey and in
my young career I have worked alongside Michelin genius
Heston Blumenthal, Curtis Stone, Michael Stadtlander, Carlo
Petrini, and local celebrity chef Susur Lee. Recently, I was
honored with the Ontario Hostelry Institute Top 30 Under 30
award. I was given the opportunity to Stage at Michelin Three
Star restaurant, The Fat Duck in Berkshire, England and
gained experience at this industry’s highest level and the true meaning of excellence.

As a chef I pride myself on my knowledge and passion to eat healthy using all the fresh
flavors I love. Coach Adam Morden and I decided to team up to offer Alchemy Crossfit
Members flavorful whole food meal plans and ready-to-go prepared food packages that
members can pick up after their workout. Our goal is to provide members with an easy
way to eating healthy whole food meals.

Whole food meal plan pricing and ready-to-go prepared food packages will be
available in the Alchemy Crossfit main office. If you have any questions regarding
the above information above please do not hesitate to reach me at 905-512-4959
or Follow me on Instagram @chefscottbailey or Twitter
@_Scott_Bailey_ for daily pictures of healthy home cooked meals.

Chef Scott Bailey’s Kitchen

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