October 28th Alchemy Crossfit Workout of the Day – WOD

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Counting repts after today's wod... Yay math!

Counting repts after today’s wod… Yay math!

CONGRATS to Eric for having a baby today… and still making it in for a CrossFit class!


Rope Climb


Power Clean – 3 Repetition Maximum

Workout of the Day:

Teams of 4

15 minutes As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) & As Much Distance As Possible (AMDAP)

A) Maximum Sprawls

B) Maximum Kettlebell Swings @24kg/16kg (Russian)

C) Rest

D) Row (meters)

*Switch Stations As Needed, 1 Member Per Station

Score-Total Reps and Total Distance


Metabolic Conditioning

Cash Out:

Foam Roll and Stretch