October 23rd Alchemy Crossfit Workout of the Day – WOD

WOD Hamilton CrossFit  – Workout of the Day at Alchemy CrossFit

Darryl crushing the heavy front squats in today's wod!

Darryl crushing the heavy front squats in today’s wod!

Congrats to all our members on working hard on a very heavy and tough wod today! You are so inspiring working til the very end!


Power Clean Instruction Thorough (5-7 Mins)


Back Squat – 3 Sets of 5 Repetitions

Workout of the Day:

3 Rounds

3 Minutes on 1 Minute Off

3 Power Cleans @185/125

Max Front Squat @185/125

* If bar drops you must do 3 power cleans again

Score = Max Front Squats


Metabolic Conditioning

Cash Out:

Foam Roll and Stretch