June 7th Alchemy Crossfit Workout of the Day – WOD
Alchemy Crossfit Hamilton Ontario pull-ups

WOD Hamilton CrossFit  – Workout of the Day at Alchemy CrossFit

Alchemy Crossfit Hamilton Ontario kettlebell pull-ups

Matt doing pull-ups, while his kettlebell awaits him in the foreground.

Today’s WOD was unassuming: two movements, not a ton of reps and seven rounds. However, it proved to be killer and left a lot of people in pain and out of breath. Good job everyone and happy Friday 🙂

Hope to see lots of faces out for tomorrow’s Friendly In-house Competition and/or BBQ! Details can be found here.

Buy In:

Muscle-ups/Muscle-up transitions


Bench press – 5 Rep Max

Workout of the Day:

– 7 rounds –

5 Pull-ups

15 Kettlebell swings


Metabolic Conditioning and Back

Cash Out: