June 4th Alchemy Crossfit Workout of the Day – WOD
Alchemy Crossfit Hamilton Ontario

WOD Hamilton CrossFit  – Workout of the Day at Alchemy CrossFit

Alchemy Crossfit Hamilton Ontario Muscle-up

Ben – Muscle up during the WOD. Max MU’s are also our contest of the month!

It was cool to see all the aggression being let out on the sledgehammer swings today and the number of people who are already making progress on their muscle-ups/muscle-up transitions.

Way to go Tamara, Nick and Jordan! They had the best times for today’s WOD and were the only three individuals to finish it sub-10-minutes!

Buy In:

Row 500m


6×3 Jerk

Workout of the Day:

– 4 rounds –

10 Kettlebell swings with deadstop (24/16 kg)

8 Burpees

6 Sledgehammer swings per side

4 Over-box jumps (24/20″)

2 Muscle-ups (or 4 pull-ups/tricep dips)


Strength and Endurance

Cash Out: