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Craig Seated Box Jump

Craig’s Seated Box Jump Continue »
By Duncan McNeill | 20 January 2011 | Gallery | |    

Mike P 46″ Box Jumps for a Warm Up

BOX JUMPS Continue »
By Duncan McNeill | 19 January 2011 | Gallery | |    

CrossFit Circuit

  Crossfit Circuit is a unique form of Crossfit training found at Alchemy Crossfit in Hamilton, Ontario. It’s great because it is accessible to everyone! CrossFit Circuit is interval training; you rotate from one station to the next, executing... Continue »

January 19th 2011 Workout of the Day – WoD

Hamilton’s Alchemy CrossFit Workout of the Day Buy In: Max Pull ups SPARQ-B: Balance Lift: Front Squat Workout of the Day: 5x Max Front Squat (body weight) 10 Pulls on Rower for distance 10 Weighted Step ups / leg... Continue »

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Gymnastics Crossfit Gymnastics will build your strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination with body weight and partner skills and drills. Crossfit has adopted a variety of gymnastic movements including kipping pull-ups and muscle-ups, variations of handstands and tumbling.... Continue »

Dynamic Mobility and Stretching

Dynamic Mobility and Stretching CrossFit will make you realize the value in stretching and mobility. There is nothing better for recovery than it. In addition, truly strong muscles are flexible too and can withstand weight even in positions that... Continue »

I enjoyed it so much that I hit more than a dozen PRs!

Thank you CrossFit Alchemy! I enjoyed working out with everyone during my two month stay in Hamilton. I enjoyed it so much that I hit more than a dozen PRs! 500M Row went from 2:04 to 2:01 1K row... Continue »

Everyone gets REAL results!

“My original motivation to join Alchemy Crossfit was through a recommendation from my health professional to rehabilitate a serious knee injury. After my first class, I knew that this gym was definitely different than any other gym that I... Continue »

A normal trip to the weight room just can

As a university athlete it is imperative that I stay in shape during the off-season. Adam and the rest of the gang at Alchemy CrossFit not only helped me to stay in shape during my three months off helped... Continue »


JUST WHAT I NEEDED After seeing the crossfit featured video on the website I knew this was the type of workout I’d been craving for months. I was becoming extremely bored at the gym and not pushing myself at... Continue »